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This article provides a quick introduction to editing content on this site. To learn about the purpose of this site, read the page about test cases. This is a public site; everybody can edit. However, all versions of all content are generally preserved indefinitely – so there is no danger of destroying any content. To link to a particular version of a page, use the feature "permanent link" in the toolbar on the left.

Adding and modifying test cases

Usually, you can create and change test cases by using simple forms. To do so, go to the main page and enter the name of the according test case in the appropriate form (there is one form for each kind of test case). Alternatively, you can go to any test case page (search for them using the links on the main page), and click on "edit with form" at the top.

The name of a test case is really just an arbitrary, preferrably short string. It can contain letters, spaces, and special symbols. Please choose something concise and informative (and, if you upload many test cases, use a consistent naming scheme). Names can be changed later on if desired.

Editing wiki text

This site is a wiki, and you can freely edit pages using wiki-syntax, just like on Wikipedia. Normally, this is not necessary, but it can be helpful, e.g., to create a user page where you can keep personal notes (e.g. links to test cases you find interesting). Pages are edited by clicking "edit" on the top.


  1. Quick syntax reference (Cheatsheet)
  2. Complete editing help from Wikipedia
  3. Additional markup in Semantic MediaWiki

If you are new to wikis in general, you probably need a short primer. Wikis are systems for simple, collaborative management of online content. In reality, many wikis deviate from this classical defintion, but it is still true for the wiki that you are just using. In a wiki, every user can author and modify pages, in many cases even without logging in. To describe how a page should look, one uses a simple text-format with some special commands to express important features such as links to other pages or enumerations.

To edit a page, just click on the edit link above each article. If you want to experiment, feel free to do so in the Sandbox. During editing, you can press the Show preview button below each page to see the current state. When you are done, press Save page to store the result. The new page becomes available immediately to all users. But do not worry: Every change can be undone, and the complete page history is preserved. You cannot do any harm by editing some page!

For an introduction on how to edit pages in detail, see the editing help of Wikipedia. Since Wikipedia is based on the same software that powers, usage is mostly similar. Once you know the basics of editing, the MediaWiki cheatsheet provides a more convenient reference for the most important statements.

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