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The test case ontology used for describing all test cases on this site is defined in the OWL 2 Conformance and Test Cases document of the OWL Working Group. Test cases are encoded in single stand-alone OWL 2 documents based on this ontology.

An extendable software framework for using test case data with OWL 2 reasoning tools is freely available.

[edit] Downloading Tests as OWL 2 Documents

The page of each test case provides a link to download an OWL 2 ontology document that describes the test based on the test case ontology. Note that this data might be incomplete if the test case is.

A bulk export of all test cases is created daily based on various relevant properties. This data can be found at http://wiki.webont.org/exports/. Especially the sets of proposed and approved test cases are interesting for tool developers, since they have been subject to basic sanity checks (newly submitted tests may not be correct or useful).

Arbitrary collections of test cases can be retrieved in a single OWL 2 file by using Semantic MediaWiki queries with the parameter format=owltest. See the SMW user manual on semantic queries for details on how to create queries. Note that the format owltest is specifically tailored towards this site; it will always include all test case information. No matter which "printout directives" the query includes, it only matters which (test case) pages are part of the query result. The following is an example query for five most recent consistency tests:

{{#ask: [[Category:ConsistencyTest]]
 | sort=Modification date
 | order=descending
 | format=owltest
 | searchlabel=download result
 | limit=5

This input results in: download result

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