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Features DataAllValuesFrom +, DataSomeValuesFrom +, SubClassOf +, DataComplementOf +, DataOneOf +, ClassAssertion +, Declaration +
Has author Birte Glimm +
Modification dateThis property is a special property in this wiki. 9 June 2009 20:00:45  +
Premise ontology
  SubClassOf(:A DataAllValuesFrom(:dp 
    DataOneOf("3.0"^^xsd:double "4"^^xsd:integer))
  SubClassOf(:A DataAllValuesFrom(:dp 
    DataOneOf("2"^^xsd:integer "3.0"^^xsd:decimal))
  ClassAssertion(:A :a)
    DataComplementOf(DataOneOf("3"^^xsd:integer))) :a
Test case author Birte Glimm  +
Test case description The individual a must have dp fillers that The individual a must have dp fillers that are in the sets {3.0 (double), 4 (integer)} and {2 (integer, 3.0 (decimal)}. The value 3 is the only one that fulfils these constraints, but since a must also have a dp filler that is not 3, the ontology is inconsistent. at is not 3, the ontology is inconsistent.
Test case id Different types in Datatype Restrictions with Inconsistent Complement  +
Test case lacks EL status  +, QL status  +, RL status  +
Test case semantics Test:DIRECT +, Test:RDF-BASED +
Test case species Test:DL +, Test:FULL +
Test case status Test:Rejected +
Test case syntax Test:FUNCTIONAL +
Categories Withdrawn test, InconsistencyTest, Inconsistency form
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