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The syntactic element rdfs:domain belongs to the RDF/XML serialization of OWL 2.

Tests using this feature

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There are 12 approved test cases that currently use this feature:

author description
Rdfbased-sem-rdfs-domain-cond Michael Schneider
Kai Mainzer
The left hand side individual in a given triple is entailed to be an instance of the domain of the predicate.
Rdfbased-sem-rdfsext-domain-subprop Michael Schneider
Kai Mainzer
Every sub property of a given property with a given domain also has this domain.
Rdfbased-sem-rdfsext-domain-superclass Michael Schneider
Kai Mainzer
Every super class of a domain for a given property is itself a domain for that property.
TestCase:WebOnt-I4.5-001 Charles White An example combinging owl:oneOf and owl:inverseOf.
TestCase:WebOnt-I4.5-002 Charles White An example combining owl:oneOf and owl:inverseOf.
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There are 8 proposed test cases that currently use this feature:

author description
TestCase:WebOnt-DatatypeProperty-001 Jim Hendler DatatypeProperty's may be used to related typed literals to typed literals, in OWL Full.
TestCase:WebOnt-I5.3-014 Herman ter Horst This entailment does not hold under the RDF Semantics, but does under the RDFS Compatible Semantics for OWL.
TestCase:WebOnt-InverseFunctionalProperty-004 Jeremy J. Carroll If the domain of prop is a singleton set then it is necessarily inverse functional, (i.e. every member of its
range is the value of a single item) so it is an 
TestCase:WebOnt-equivalentProperty-005 Jeremy J. Carroll If p and q have the same property extension then p owl:equivalentProperty q.
TestCase:WebOnt-extra-credit-002 Jeremy J. Carroll This test shows a relationship between integer multiplication and OWL Full.
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There are 2 newly submitted test cases that currently use this feature:

author description
FS2RDF-domain-range-expression-ar Alan Ruttenberg Functional syntax to RDFXML for domain and range with expressions
FS2RDF-domain-range-simple-ar Alan Ruttenberg Functional syntax to RDFXML for simple domain and range
OWL 2 Informative
OWL 2 Normative