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The syntactic element owl:onProperty belongs to the RDF/XML serialization of OWL 2.

Tests using this feature

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There are 182 approved test cases that currently use this feature:

author description
Bnode2somevaluesfrom Bijan Parsia Shows that a BNode is an existential variable.
Consistent-but-all-unsat Uli Sattler An ontology that is consistent, but all named classes are unsatisfiable. Ideas by Alan Ruttenberg
Datatype-Float-Discrete-001 Mike Smith The value space of xsd:float is discrete, shown with range defined on 0x00000000 and 0x00000001
New-Feature-AnnotationAnnotations-001 Mike Smith Demonstrates annotation of an annotation. Adapted from an example in the Mapping to RDF Graphs document.
New-Feature-BottomDataProperty-001 Mike Smith Demonstrates use of the bottom data property to create an inconsistency.
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There are 15 proposed test cases that currently use this feature:

author description
TestCase:WebOnt-FunctionalProperty-005 Peter F. Patel-Schneider If prop belongs to owl:FunctionalProperty then an OWL individual has at most one value for prop.
TestCase:WebOnt-I5.1-010 Jeremy J. Carroll There are 128 different bytes that are also unsigned integers; and hence also 127.
TestCase:WebOnt-Restriction-005 Jeremy J. Carroll This test shows a potential misapplication of OWL Full comprehension rules. It also shows optional type triples on an owl:Restriction.
TestCase:WebOnt-Restriction-005-direct Jeremy J. Carroll This test demonstrates that the OWL 2 Direct Semantics, unlike the OWL 2 RDF Based Semantics and the OWL 1 semantics, permit URIs to be present in the conclusion ontology that are not present in the premise ontology.
TestCase:WebOnt-Restriction-006 Jeremy J. Carroll This test shows a correct application of OWL Full comprehension rules.

It also shows that optional type triples on an owl:Restriction

do not replace the obligatory ones.
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There are 3 newly submitted test cases that currently use this feature:

author description
FS2RDF-negative-property-assertion-ar Alan Ruttenberg Functional syntax to RDFXML for negative property assertions, some with annotations and annotations on their annotations
Footnote-not-about-self Alan Ruttenberg Test checking of local irreflexivity
RoleChainViolationLumen Uli Sattler This is an example that was developed by Uli Sattler for a workshop on the Foundational Model of Anatomy. As it turns out, the role chain it uses violates the constraints for being allowable in OWL 2 DL. Submitted by Alan Ruttenberg. See http://groups.google.com/group/fma-owl-2009/browse_thread/thread/4643f80187bf9327
OWL 2 Informative
OWL 2 Normative