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The licensing terms for all content contributed to this site are specified below. Do not submit material if you do not agree to those terms.

Goals and purposes

This introductory section is only informative.

The content on "OWL Test Cases" is meant to be used freely, and is therefore published under a Creative Commons license. This license covers test case data, but also all other content that might be found on this site. The license allows contributed content to be modified or used for derivatory works by other contributors, as long as the original author and source is attributed.

In addition, test cases that are contributed before the finalization of the OWL 2 Conformance and Test Cases document may be published by W3C using the licenses for W3C test suites. For each contributed test, this is only possible if

Note that the latter requires authors to fill out an online form. It is possible to contribute test cases without filling out this form, but they cannot be published in conjunction with the official W3C document in this case. The working group might try to contact contributors for filling out this form, so it is useful to provide at least some contact information on the author's wiki page (linked from each test by that author).

Terms of Licensing

All of the following licensing terms apply to all contributions to "OWL Test Cases".

All content of "OWL Test Cases" is published under the Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0.

This previous clause includes all textual and other multimedia content that is contributed or uploaded to "OWL Test Cases". The license explicitly allows that contributed content is modified or used for derivatory works by other contributors. These terms of licensing cover the content on pages of "OWL Test Cases", as well as all RDF, OWL, or other data exports and collections created from such content.

When submitting test cases to "OWL Test Cases", the contributor agrees that those tests, or tests derived from those by other contributors in accordance with the above license, might become part of a test suite that is published under the terms of the Licenses for W3C Test Suites.

This does not imply any commitment that W3C (or any other entity) is going to include particular test cases into a test suite for such a publication.

Original authorship attribution per test case is retained for all test cases that are published under the above terms.

Every contributor states, to the best of her/his knowledge, that she/he, or the company she/he represents, has all rights necessary to contribute content under those conditions.

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