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This page provides a manually translated normative RDF/XML syntax version for New-Feature-NegativeObjectPropertyAssertion-001.

Inconsistent ontology (download)

Convert syntax: functional, XML, Manchester      This informative conversion will be incorrect for OWL 2 Full. info.pngConversions are provided by the OWL Syntax Converter which tries to "repair" OWL 2 Full inputs to become DL.

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<?xml version="1.0"?>
  xml:base  = ""
  xmlns     = ""
  xmlns:owl = ""
  xmlns:rdf = "">


<owl:ObjectProperty rdf:about="hasSon" />

  <owl:sourceIndividual rdf:resource="Peter" />
  <owl:assertionProperty rdf:resource="hasSon" />
  <owl:targetIndividual rdf:resource="Meg" />

<rdf:Description rdf:about="Peter">
  <hasSon rdf:resource="Meg" />

OWL 2 Informative
OWL 2 Normative