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The syntactic element NegativeDataPropertyAssertion belongs to the functional style serialization of OWL 2.

Tests using this feature

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There are 2 approved test cases that currently use this feature:

author description
Minus-inf-not-owlreal Birte Glimm The individual a must have either negative Infinity or 0 (-0 as integer is 0) as dp fillers and all dp successors must be from owl:real, which excludes negative infinity. Since 0 is excluded by the negative property assertion, the ontology is inconsistent.
New-Feature-NegativeDataPropertyAssertion-001 Mike Smith Demonstrates use of a negative data property assertion to create a trivial inconsistency based on an example in the Structural Specification and Functional-Style Syntax document.

No proposed test cases currently use this feature.

There are 1 newly submitted test cases that currently use this feature:

author description
FS2RDF-negative-property-assertion-ar Alan Ruttenberg Functional syntax to RDFXML for negative property assertions, some with annotations and annotations on their annotations
OWL 2 Informative
OWL 2 Normative