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Test Id inconsistent-integer-filler
Description The individual has an asserted hasAge filler of 18 as integer. At the same time it is an instance of the negation of the class Eighteen, which implies that all hasAge fillers for a are not 18.
Status Approved (2009-07-15, when passed by 2 implementations) (proposed 2009-05-26)
Author Birte Glimm
Original syntax Functional
Syntactic Species/Profile OWL 2 DL (not EL, not QL, not RL)
Semantics This test is applicable under both direct and RDF-based semantics.
Inconsistent ontology (download)

Convert syntax: RDF, XML, Manchester      This informative conversion will be incorrect for OWL 2 Full. info.pngConversions are provided by the OWL Syntax Converter which tries to "repair" OWL 2 Full inputs to become DL.

  SubClassOf(DataHasValue(:hasAge "18"^^xsd:integer) :Eighteen) 
  ClassAssertion(DataHasValue(:hasAge "18"^^xsd:integer) :a) 
  ClassAssertion(ObjectComplementOf(:Eighteen) :a)
Imported ontologies none
OWL 2 Informative
OWL 2 Normative