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The syntactic element AnnotationAssertion belongs to the functional style serialization of OWL 2.

Tests using this feature

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No approved test cases currently use this feature.

No proposed test cases currently use this feature.

There are 1 newly submitted test cases that currently use this feature:

author description
Direct Semantics Literal disjoint from Thing Alan Ruttenberg A test demonstrating that literals are disjoint from Thing in the direct semantics. See thread at The following ontology, which is consistent according to the Direct Semantics, demonstrates that literals are not OWL things. In it, owl:Thing is an enumerated class containing at most 2 individuals. One of those individuals has three data property literal values 42,43,44 ^xsd:integer. If the literals were instance of owl:Thing, this ontology would be inconsistent as there can be only two distinct members of owl:Thing, but there are three distinct literals. On the date this test was entered, Pellet and Fact+ correctly determined that the ontology is consistent and Hermit acknowledged that while it found the ontology inconsistent, this was a bug.
OWL 2 Informative
OWL 2 Normative