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Welcome to the public OWL 2 Test Case collection site!

Adding New Test Cases

Use the inputs below to create new test cases of different types. To add a new test, pick a short "name" or "ID" for your test case (any short label is fine, but using feature names or running numbers helps, e.g. "Datatype-Float-Discrete-002"). Enter the name into the according input and select "Add test case". A form will be opened where you can specify your test case. If a test case of the chosen name exists, it will be opened for editing.

Positive Entailment Test

Positive entailment tests consist of two ontologies, where one is semantically entailed by the other.

There are currently 209 positive entailment tests.

Negative Entailment Test

Negative entailment tests consist of two ontologies, where one is explicitly not to be entailed by the other.

There are currently 25 negative entailment tests.

Consistency Test

Consistency tests consist of a single consistent ontology.

There are currently 369 consistency tests.

Inconsistency Test

Inconsistency tests consist of a single inconsistent ontology.

There are currently 134 inconsistency tests.

Profile Indentification Tests can be submitted as Consistency Tests. In fact, every test with profile information can be used as a Profile Identification Test.

Downloading and Executing Tests

Tests are provided in the OWL 2 test case format, both as individual exports provided on each test case page, and as bulk exports that are created on a daily basis. An extendable software framework for using test case data with OWL 2 reasoning tools is freely available.

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